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Services for Landlords


As a landlord, you are legally obliged to meet specific safety standards. Brunswick Heating can help you with Gas Appliance Safety Inspections, which must be satisfactorily completed before the property is let.


Gas Appliance Safety Inspection


We will check and service your property’s boiler and other gas appliances, more detail on boiler servicing is available on the Boiler Service page.

Your engineer will advise on any remedial work that is required to bring the boiler and/or appliances up to standard, and can make a new appointment to carry out such works before leaving. For all appliances in safe working order, we will provide a ‘Landlord Safety Report’ also known as a ‘CP12’ – a legal requirement before your property is let.


Access issues?


Gaining access to tenanted properties can be difficult, for example when tenants are out at work. To make life easier for you, we can collect keys from you locally, provided you have cleared our visit with your tenants in advance.

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