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What is a Powerflush?


So, we now know what the main reasons are as to why we need to get our system powerflushed. Exactly what is it?

Powerflush is the removal of iron oxide sludge (dirty water in boiler and system) by means of a machine, connected to a central location. The two best places to connect the machine are where the central heating pump is fitted, or onto the feed pipes to the gas boiler. (Too many installers incorrectly connect the powerflush machine onto a radiator fed by tiny pipe, for convenience because it's in the hall, or by the back door. Straight away, this reduces the effectiveness of the powerflush, as the flow through the machine is governed by the pipework sizing of the radiator). Chemicals are added to the system to loosen the debris in the system. This is normally done on day, or ideally at least a week before the flush is done. Any remedial pipework alterations are now also carried out before we do the powerflush.






Once a powerflush has been done right, you

can benefit from;


  • hotter radiators meaning slightly lower gas bills

  • not having to bleed radiators all the time

  • less callouts due to components failing

  • less noise from boiler and system having to work too hard


It is a long article, however I hope you now understand the importance of the powerflush for your central heating, and how the water in the system can cause so many problems if not correctly looked after.


Example How to do a powerflush.

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