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Brunswick Heating Terms & Conditions 12/01/2017


Customers should first and foremost familiarise themselves with where all the isolation points are for both the electrics and the water on their property . When experiencing a leak any feed pipework once isolated will eventually reduce the leak to nil and thus reduce damage. There will be at least one main stop cock controlling the mains water into your property, make sure everyone in your household knows where this is , to turn it off, this is usually a clockwise turn. Also to help drain the system and deprive the leak from being fed open up the hot and cold taps in the bath and sink . There are also other small valves on most systems a chrome penny valve inline near the taps, just turn the screw head valve with a screw driver until the blade and notch are horizontal to the pipe.


1.Brunswick Heating personnel or their appointed representatives shall take necessary care whilst carrying out work on a customer’s property; however the quoted price does not include the repair or replacement of any type of flooring or floor covering or decoration. The customer retains sole responsibility for these items. No responsibility will be taken either for damage to locks, catches or carpentry in gaining access to carry out the work because the nature of the work requires gaining access it is not always possible to avoid minor damage but we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

2. Unless previously agreed any improvisation or making good shall be to builders finish. I.e. Pipe work, Wood & Wall surfaces shall be left bare; unpainted/undecorated.

3. Plumbing connections onto existing pipe work cannot be guaranteed. Where we connect new equipment onto your existing system we cannot accept responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing any parts of your existing system which later develop faults unless this is due solely to our negligence. Similarly when operating stop cocks or isolation valves we cannot be held responsible for subsequent leakage or breakages especially where the item has been poorly maintained. It is the responsibility of the customer to make available the locations of stop cocks and pressure valves so that work can proceed. Similarly it is the Customers responsibility to maintain existing wiring to current building regulation standards, make available information regarding electrical wiring & be able to locate access to fuse boxes. Work required to bring existing equipment up to standard will be chargeable. We cannot be held responsible for any losses due to existing wiring or pipe work. Brunswick Heating will endeavour to get to customers experiencing problems with plumbing and heating systems, however we are not an emergency company available 24/7 request’s to attend outside of ‘regular’ hours may go unanswered or refused. If we have carried out work at your premises recently and you are experiencing out of hours problems or at weekends please ascertain that the problem is directly associated with the recent work as there will be out of hours minimum call out charge of £115.00 +if the problem is not related.

4. In the case of emergency attendance and/or a temporary “make do” repair Brunswick or its representatives will not be held responsible for any subsequent failure or leakage however associated between that initial visit and the scheduled return visit to carry out a more permanent repair/replacement .

5. Labour charges are either a pre-determined fixed amount as in the case of a service, a quoted amount for the entire works, or a pre commencement agreed hourly rate based on our current hourly rate charges. Minimum charge 1 hour. Subsequent hourly rate labour charges are calculated and charged in 15 minute intervals.

6. Observation & calculations. Pre-quote surveys are based on information available on the day of survey. Therefore calculation of Gas and working water pressures is based on observable means. Works are specified using those calculations. Subsequent fluctuations drop in pressure, or delivery pipe sustainability which may affect the operation of the equipment is out of Brunswick’s control and therefore we will not be held responsible.

7. A quoted price is based on current equipment material and labour costs and is valid for 30 days with work envisaged to be completed within 90 days of the quotation and like all of our printed hourly and service rates are strictly met. Any deposits are due when you accept the quotation and any subsequent payments as they fall due. We ask that our customers make sure that all funds to complete the full cost of the work and a reasonable amount for contingency to cover any extra’s that may become necessary are in place before they accept our quote and enter into a contract with us. If for any reason a payment cannot be met on time we ask that the customer informs Brunswick promptly to resolve any issues.

8. Company personnel’s travel time and labour in association with the collection of materials and the disposal of waste carried out as necessary within the agreed works on behalf of the customer will be charged to the customer at the hourly rate/general disposal charge.

9. Notice of your right to cancel you may cancel this agreement up to 14 days after you have agreed the contract. It is your statutory Right to have “cooling off “period so you are completely sure you want the work to go ahead. If you would like Brunswick to begin work before that period has expired we are happy to go ahead. This will not affect your statutory rights but you will be liable for any works already carried out if you subsequently decide to cancel. You may also lose this right if works are completed.

10. If works are due to start after any statutory cancellation period has passed, the customer may cancel up to 7days before work is due to start without penalty. However after this time Brunswick reserve the right to charge the customer reasonable costs incurred where labour has been reserved and is unable to be deployed elsewhere.

11. Unless previously agreed the customer is responsible for arranging parking for any trades vehicles. If this is not applicable at the site the customer will pay for any necessary parking charges exclusive of fines.

12.In the execution of fixed price or time charged work we will endeavour to carry out the work in a reasonable amount of time. And make every attempt to complete the work within estimated times, however we cannot take responsibility for delays that are beyond our control. The customer is expected to provide a clear safe & healthy working environment with sufficient light and power to carry out the work, which is free from hindrance by unsafe or exposed conditions, other trades people or occupancy in the work area. In addition our quotes or estimates are based on our personnel being granted a minimum of 9 clear hours of working time per day, free of all restrictions between the hours of 8.00 and 18.00. If after starting the work time circumstances change or there is fundamental changes to content then any contract needs to be re drafted to take the changes into consideration, re-negotiated and re submitted.

13.Occasionally because of design modification by the manufacturer or lack of availability the contractor may not be able to supply the equipment specified In this event in order to satisfy the contract we will with the agreement of the customer substitute a similar item and adjust the contract price up or down accordingly.

14. Where obvious additional work is required which is beyond the confines of the original quote either for reasons of necessity or of safety & building regulations or at the customer’s request. If that work is practical and within the capabilities of Brunswick we will compile an additional work sanction sheet with estimated costs for the customer to agree prior to starting additional work. Actual costs and time taken will be basis of the final invoice for the work and will be submitted for payment in it’s own right.

15. Payments. Unless otherwise agreed final payment shall become due on completion of works* Invoices will be sent on completion and will be deemed to be accepted in full if undisputed within 7 days. Payment can be made by Credit** or debit card, Electronic bank transfer or Cash. Where Deposit or staged payments are agreed initial deposits must be cleared by our bank before materials can be ordered and work commences.*Unless otherwise agreed it is the industry norm that once equipment is tested and functioning correctly payment is due **credit cards carry an additional charge of 2.0% for bank processing from January 2017 ,, overdue amounts and unpaid invoices will be charged interest at the rate of 2% per month until settled.

16. Where staged payments have been agreed with time spans and identified amounts of work, and the invoicing for this work has been set out in the quote as part of a contract , The contract is between ourselves and the contractor, any down the line payments that the contractor is waiting for has no bearing whatsoever in relation to non payment of bona fide invoices submitted by Brunswick Heating, this is not a valid reason to delay or not pay a submitted invoice. Exception being unless the contractor has a written document signed by the end user/his customer saying that payments to him are being withheld due solely because Brunswick Heating are not meeting the recognised standards or there is consequential issues over our workmanship or content. The expected staged payments must be made and are not allowed to be delayed and must not lag unreasonably behind the on-site endeavours and headway, unless there is a written tangible reason by the contractor. Brunswick personnel will not be dispatched to site to continue work if unfair practices or breach’s of the contract have been made unless appropriate assurances have been put in place, by the contractor . The consequences of avoiding payment and breaching contracts and agreements will be met with delay in registering any manufacturers guarantee’s promotions, commissioning and the submission or any regulatory paperwork. In all instances and as in law, the entitlement and ownership of any materials and or products will not be assigned to the customer/contractor or 3rd parties until Brunswick Heating have been fully remunerated for their involvement , supply and/or work. Non payment can also lead to access being granted and Brunswick Heating’s products and supplied items being dismantled and removed.

17. Brunswick only specifies materials and equipment that are of merchantable quality and meet industry standards. We are not responsible for equipment which performs differently due to meeting modern energy requirements, or replacement equipment that performs differently whether in time or effectiveness from any previous equipment or products . Also we are not responsible if the new replacement products do not improve any previous ‘deficiencies ’ unless these deficiencies were brought to our attention and asked specifically to be catered for eradicated by a new design or suggested product replacement or setup . Equipment initially installed by Brunswick with warranty over and above the statutory 12 months should be serviced and maintained regularly or warranties may be compromised. The registration documents of replacement parts or pumps and any guarantees that go with, will be left on site with the items instructions and the onus is on the customer to register said items ( exception being boilers ). We cannot guarantee the standard of equipment or service by other companies but can arrange annual service by our own engineers.

18. Unless specifically requested by the customer in advance Brunswick will recycle or dispose appropriately of all redundant parts dismantled or replaced by our engineers.

19. Installation work will be tested during & on completion for sound function along with any other test required in the job method statement or in the quotation. Additional testing required by the customer will if possible be carried out but may be liable to an additional charge

20. Any defects or deficiencies found in the existing building or system which need to be rectified to meet statutory requirements or complete the work remain the responsibility of the Customer. In particular in the case of heating work it shall be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all existing flues are in good operational condition and where a flue liner needs to be used that the flue is swept and free from obstruction before the replacement flue liner is inserted.

21. Brunswick will make good any defects due to our workmanship error and/ or replace any defective materials or goods supplied. If bought to our attention within 12 months of installation. This does not apply to goods solely supplied by the customer or which have not been jointly specified by us. This guarantee does not apply to designs not prepared by us or our suppliers and therefore does not cover any work deemed necessary as a result of defective designs/drawings by other parties which will be charged.

22. Brunswick shall not be deemed liable for any consequential loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any defect in any articles, components or materials not manufactured by Brunswick except in the case of negligence or breach of contract.

23. It is the Customers responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions for work to proceed in particular if work is ordered by a tenant that the property owner or his representative has given permission to proceed. Brunswick will not be held responsible for any losses to our customer where permission has not been obtained.

24. Complaints. In the unlikely event that you wish to complain about any aspect of our work in the first instance please try and resolve issues with our onsite engineer. If that does not resolve the matter please either write or email us at the address on your quotation as soon as possible. We take all complaints seriously and welcome the opportunity to resolve issues swiftly. Customers are at liberty to seek the opinion of a fellow professional regarding the complaint however we reserve the right to be allowed first and foremost to correct any issues which are the direct result of work we have carried out , to enable us to fairly resolve the complaint.

25. Unless otherwise documented to the contrary Customers By agreeing to engage Brunswick Heating or any of its representatives to carry out scheduled, time charged or emergency work at their property will by the very nature of their request, agree to abide by these terms & conditions which are freely available on request, included in quotations and available on our website. The quotation along with these terms sets out the entire agreement between you the customer and us. Nobody else will be able to benefit from this agreement. The agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales.

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